OCR AS/A Level Law Book 1

ISBN-10: 1510401768

ISBN-13: 9781510401761

Exam Board: OCRLevel: A-levelSubject: LawFirst Teaching: September 2017First Exam: June 2018This student book is an OCR endorsed textbook. Accurately cover the breadth of content in the new 2017 OCR AS and A Level specifications with this textbook written by leading A Level Law authors. This engaging and accessible textbook contains complete coverage of the AS specification and combined with Book 2 will cover the full A Level specification., From leading law authors Jacqueline Martin and Nicholas Price, it is comprehensive, authoritative and updated with important changes to the law.- Book 1 covers all of the required content for AS Level and Book 2 covers the additional A Level material beyond AS.- Important, up-to-date and interesting cases and scenarios highlight key points.- Discussion and activity tasks increase your students' understanding of more difficult concepts.- Practice questions and self-test questions to help your students prepare for their exams.This student book includes:- The Legal System for AS and A Level- Criminal Law for AS Level- Law Making for AS and A Level- The Law of Tort for AS LevelAdditional A Level content is in OCR A Level Book 2Authors:- Jacqueline Martin LLM has ten years' experience as a practising barrister and has taught law at all levels.- Nicholas Price is an experienced teacher of Law and is an A Level Law textbook author.

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